Cross-Browser Rich Text Editor FAQ


Q: This looks familiar. Where have I seen this before?

A: The Cross-Browser Rich Text Editor has been used by many high profile websites across the world. Among them:, IBM, Neopets, and

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Q: Do I need permission to use your code?

A: This code is licensed under a Creative Commons License (as of 5/15/2006).

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Q: When I hit enter, a new paragraph is started. How can I insert a single carriage return (Internet Explorer)?

A: To insert a single carriage return (<br> tag) using Internet Explorer, simply hold the shift key while pressing enter. This is the default behaviour of Internet Explorer.

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Q: Why do I get an error when preloading text?

A: When preloading text, you must make sure to replace all single quotes, double quotes, carriage returns & line feeds on the server-side before loading or else you will get a javascript error. Check out the server-side demo pages included in the zip file and notice that the RTESafe() function is called on the preloaded html before writing to the page.

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Q: Can I be notified when a new release is available?

A: Yes! Click here to sign up for the mailing list.

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Q: How did you compress your javascript?

A: I recommend any of the below compressors. Be aware that the compressed code from the Memtronic compressor will only work when called from a page that has a charset of ISO-8859-1.

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Q: How can I get the uncompressed javascript source code?

A: You must purchase the uncompressed javascript source.

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